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How to Select the Timber Benches

for Parks?

The benches take less space while leaving you more space, and if they are not needed so, they can fold and dragged to one side.

The interesting factor about the picnic benches is that it is attached and you can use it to just sit and talk and have food too because these benches have tables too with it. to assemble a bench is very simple, you just make sure that the wood that you are using in it is timber and the planks are big and durable. These benches are also a cheap way of decorating your parks and gardens, as a lot of money is not required for it, Fenton Timber can help.

Before selecting timber benches for your parks, you must make sure that the benches that you are buying are made of real timber and are durable, and they are able to tolerate the weather whole round the year, whether it is a rainy, moist or a hot weather the bench should be able to bear the fluctuations of the climate.

The benches for the parks are also very easy to clean. These timber benches are stained and are somewhat slippery so with just a hand of wipe, you can take off all the dirt and is very easy to clean your bench.

You should also look for the companies that are selling these timber benches for garden that they give a warranty that the bench is made of real timber and it will not rot, and will bear the toughest conditions of climate, no worms of timber will come near to it and it will appear the same, even after years.

If you are not satisfied with the designs that the companies are having, so, you can also give your own design and size to the companies so that they make these benches for you to order and deliver it to your home.

There are different timbers that differ in color and these changes their color if they are exposing to weather and their color may fade out.  

The texture of the timber also changes with the environmental condition, when timber faces different climate changes so it may expand or shrink. So you have to notice that the screws and bolts are fixed in a proper manner, as this shrinkage and the expansion may not go well with the benches of timber that are joined with the glue.  

Opt for those benches for your garden that is humidity resistant and a coat of shine is there. The coat of shine is not just for show, but in fact, it guards the moisture to penetrate in the wood. If there is no moisture and the timber is dried, so there are nil chances of the worm to come in.

We should also focus on the safety things for the timber benches that we are planning to fix in our gardens. Kids are very naughty and do not sit in one place, they jump, climb and fall frequently. If you have kids in your home then you must take care of safety issue too. You must look for the benches that have rounded edges to maintain superior safeness. For making a good choice.